Premiere: Emily Lubitz (Tinpan Orange) exclusively unveils her atmospheric and elegant debut track ‘Like I Do’.

It is with great pleasure Backseat Mafia exclusively unveils the gorgeous new track from Emily Lubitz who performed in acclaimed indie-folk band Tinpan Orange for more than a decade. Teaming up with musicians Freyja Hooper on drums and Winona Miller on bass, the multi-skilled Lubitz has woven together a delicate and shimmering piece of musical cloth that flutters and floats with a melancholic thread.

Lubitz’s voice soars with an ethereal grace, velvet cloaked and celestial with a subtle humorous twist to the lyrics – I swear my love is not deciduous – and yet there is a steely strength that seems to evoke underground Parisian bars with a whiff of Gauloise, a tang of Absinthe and a delicate bacchanalian decadence. A poignant sense of romance pervades the track:

After all this time we’re still awkward on the phone
Why do I say more when I’m alone
I thought I’d work you out in a year or two for sure
But you’re still so strange, I wanna know you a little more

Lubitz says of the track:

When a relationship spans many years it contains many lifetimes. This song is about looking
back to when things started and how different it is now. How our lives turn and curve and the
common denominator is the person we have shared it with. Actually, our partner changes and
curves too and so do we, so maybe the common denominator is love. From being young
musicians in Melbourne, drinking bourbon and pretending we know everything, to being the
parents of three children and realising we know very little, it’s a big range. And we are still learning. ‘Like I Do’ is a love song too.

Lubitz’s style and panache is carried by the instrumentation which canters with a graceful bubble and pop.

‘Like I Do’ is via Ditto out tomorrow (1 July 2022) and Lubitz has scheduled a series of shows to promote this single and her forthcoming EP (see below). You can preorder the debut single and get tickets for the shows here.

Tour Dates

Sunday 17 July – Brunswick Artists Bar, Brunswick (VIC)

Monday 18 – Tuesday 19 July – Regal Theatre, Perth (WA) w/Paul Kelly and Paul Grabowsky

Friday 29 July – The Citadel, Murwillambah (NSW)

Saturday 30 July – The Junk Bar, Brisbane (QLD)

Sunday 31 July – Dust Temple, Currumbin (QLD)

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