Album Review: Röyksopp – The Inevitable End

Hot on the heels (less than six months in fact) of their mini album ‘Do It Again’ featuring Scandinavian singer Robyn, Norwegian duo Röyksopp, aka Torbjørn Brundtland and Svein Berge, release their fifth album ‘The Inevitable End’. Röyksopp have decided this will be their last album, hence the title, but have no fear as they explain, it isn’t the end of their music production per se but more the format in which the albums are released and how the music is shared. Expect to see a more experimental approach in how you will experience their music in the future.

‘The Inevitable End’ is chock full of electric pop collaborations with Robyn, SusanneSundfør and Jamie McDermott (TheIrrepressibles) Interspersed with a more familiar Röyksopp sound. Throughout the flow of the album we slip in and out of a lo-fi vibe including ‘you know I have to go’ and the wonderful Minimal House tip of ‘Compulsion’. ‘Skulls’, ‘Sordid’ and ‘Thank You have’ the traditional Röyksopp stamp all over them and will keep the Reminiscing Melody A.M. fans happy.

There is a real feel of balance between the tracks on ‘The Inevitable End’ which brings everything together from beginning to end. Coup de Grace is the stand out track, opening with a simple melody that gradually develops with layers of sounds swelling with choir inspired vocals. It’s almost Vangelis esque and beautifully simple. Elsewhere there’s a version of Monument with Robyn that is electro pop at its finest, with these dribbling synths and popping drum line, while the gentle dreamy Save Me sounds like the sort of thing ABBA would make, if they were 2014’s big new hope.

Another quality production from Svein and Torbjørn in its long form, the like we’ll (according to them at least) never see again.

‘The Inevitable End’ tracklisting and vocalists

1) Skulls

2) Monument feat. Robyn (T.I.E. Version)

3) Sordid Affair  (Ryan James, Man Without Country)

4) You Know I Have To Go (Jamie McDermott, The Irrepressibles)

5) Save Me (Susanne Sundfør)

6) I Had This Thing (Jamie McDermott, The Irrepressibles)

7) Rong (Robyn)

8) Here She Comes Again (Jamie McDermott, The Irrepressibles)

9) Running To The Sea (Susanne Sundfør)

10) Compulsion (Jamie McDermott, The Irrepressibles)

11) Coup de Grace

12) Thank You

Release Date: 10th November 2014

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