Say Psych: Track Review: Sei Still – Extrarradio

Ahead of their first UK tour-dates kicking off this month, Mexican five-piece Sei Still have announced their second album El Refugio and share the first single and video, ‘Extrarradio’. Due out 26 November on Fuzz Club Records, the new album – which arrives following their self-titled debut LP released in April 2020 and already on its second vinyl pressing after selling out extremely quick first time around – marks a number of changes for the band. Not only have they upped sticks and moved from Mexico City to Berlin, but their sound has undergone a process of evolution too.

Where the debut LP was an exercise in mesmerising Krautrock channelling the likes of Neu! and Can, ‘El Refugio’ keeps hold of that motorik pulse but trades the debut’s more expansive and hypnotic tendencies for a collection of dark, wiry post-punk vignettes. Described by the band as “a song about the outskirts of the city, being banished from a place you thought of as your own”, the track has a probing bassline that dominates from the off, setting a different tone to the first LP. It’s a bit darker, a bit more sinister but hypnotic and the Berlin effect shines through. It makes their upcoming UK tour dates an even more tantalising proposition.
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