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geno carrapetta

It’s been several years now since we first came across Geno Carrapetta. We premiered his “off kilter, psych infused” 2015 sophomore album ‘The LAst Wave’ with much affection. Well, he’s been busy since and four albums later this latest offering is showing a distinct growth and maturity. If that 2015 offering, while low key, had enough energy to make me wonder if it was written in a post-party, after-midnight creative blur; 2020’s effort ‘Pacific Blues, Down On The Beach’ sounds more like the result of a 4am hazy chill session. The production is slicker and the characteristic doubled up vocals are slimmer and more comfortable on the ear.

‘California Comedown’ is the lead single introducing the new album and the key here is in the name. A Lo-Fi cinematic album, invoking 1970’s Californian cosmic country and blues, the inspiration comes directly from Neil Young’s 1974 album ‘On The Beach’ and Nevil Shute’s 1957 novel of the same name. Watch the video for lead single ‘California Comedown’ and you’ll get what I mean – this is perfect for chilling and introspection in these strange times. It’s full of reminiscence and nostalgia for an epic Californian road trip, making memories on the beach. Slightly subversive and perfect for opening the tap and draining any stress.

‘Pacific Blues, Down On The Beach’ is out now.

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