Track: The Agency… – Defender

Leaving three dots at the end of a sentence (…) implies something that will continue ad infinitum, something that is yet to be completed, there is more to come or allows you to complete the end. The collective known as The Agency… perhaps suggests any or all of those possibilities, and that can only be a good thing. What follows the dots appears also to be the name of the next album, but whatever the interpretation, we are presented with an enigma that adds to the aura of the band.

Their new single, ‘Defender’, is buzzing mix of sequencers and fuzzy guitars underpinning a louche and cool delivery, making for an engaging and absorbing release:

With a vocal style that could front Echo and the Bunnymen and a shoegaze instrumental wash with genetic roots in The Velvet Underground, The Agency… have created something quite distinctive and energising, with a faint echo of the cooler side of eighties new wave.

The core of the musical collective, based in Newcastle upon Tyne, is Steve Beyer (lead guitar), Steven K Driver (guitar and vocals) and Andy Ludbrook (bass).

The song, to be officially released in August, comes off The Agency…’s album ‘In The Haunted Woods’ due out on 23 October 2020 through Solarbear Records.

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