See: Dead Naked Hippies reveal new video for Eyes Wide (Night Time Version)

Dead Naked Hippies are a trio who’ve been active on the Leeds DIY punk scene since 2016. During 2020 they’ve needed to find creative new ways to work due to the limitations of lockdown, and they’ve subsequently reworked one of their previous songs, with moody electronics replacing the previous live instrument parts. The resulting track “Eyes Wide (Night Time Version)” is destined for release on 17th July on “Come Stay With Me”, a fundraising compilation of songs from 13 Leeds artists.

Eyes Wide (Night Time Version) is a pleasingly chunky piece of punky synth-pop with a suitably low-key, blood-saturated video to match. The visceral vocals courtesy of singer Lucy Jowett are somewhat reminiscent of Siouxsie Sioux at certain moments and Shirley Manson at others, earnest vocal phrases echoing dramatically within the moody pulsing production. Well worth investigating if you like How To Destroy Angels or other atmospheric female-fronted electronic punk/industrial. 

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