It’s hardly news at all that the ferociously prolific has a new record out (First Taste, August 2nd via Drag City) or a new single, but such is the relentless quality of what he produces that we can’t ignore it.

Of the track, Segall says “‘Radio’ is a science non-fiction song. We live in a Cronenberg film. It has Videodrome saxoheadphones. I am a slave to the new radio and so are you.” 

Radio is a left turn for Segall, an electric omnichord taking much of the accompanyment, with added piano for the changes, and what sounds like a brass section blowing through the verse. The result is a slightly eastern sounding accompanyment, which raises eyebrows but also keeps the head nodding as Segall lets his trademark slightly angular melodies hit home and seduce you.

Check it out, here