Robbi Niles Shares Bouncy, Subtly Intricate New Single ‘Venezuela’

Barbados-born r&b-pop up and comer Robbi Niles returns with the bouncy yet subtly intricate new single ‘Venezuela’.

Effortlessly commercial and accessible, the pop exterior of track is adorned by some beautiful, atmospheric production which pulls the track beyond the initial Capital FM-esque front, offering a warmth and a depth to the soundscape. Layers of subtle, intricate guitar lines, sampled pitch shifted vocals and washing synth pads dance around the soundscape whilst Robbie’s breathy, sultry vocals take centre stage over the choppy reggaeton infused beat.

Possessing a tropical feel but with hidden musical influences popping out from the rich soundscape, ‘Venezuela’ is a prime example of Robbi’s work: born as a melody on guitars before taking on its more electronic form and developing into a fully fledged pop track worthy of both acclaim and chart success. Seamlessly brining together through R&B, Pop, Hip Hop, Alternative Rock, Reggae, and Soca, Robbi Nile’s music is a reflection of not only his constantly evolving talent as a multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter but of his Caribbean influences as well. 

Listen below:

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