Track: FLOWERTRUCK are ‘Hopeless’ in happiness: a bright and sparkly ditty that skips with an irrepressible joy. They also become the first Australian band to offer a digital pressing ahead of album release.

Feature Photograph: James Morris

On the eve of the release of their new album ‘Partly Cloudy’, out via Spunk! Records / Virgin Music Australia on 2 September 2022, the irrepressible FLOWERTUCK have dropped one more tasty morsel for our delectation in the single ‘Hopeless’.

The laid back, dappled sunshine sound of ‘Hopeless’ sparkles with an edgy nervy pace – this is the sound of a band that shimmers with an antipodean glow augmented by a brilliant pop sound with the charm of bands like XTC or Supergrass. The Rhodes piano sound tinkles throughout the track with a razor sharp guitar solo and chanting backing vocals.

The band says of the track:

In our experience, when we’re making music together, we’re always plagued by this terrible, terrible fear of failure. But it’s always compensated by the special bonds and memories we’re creating with each other at the time. It can feel like a completely hopeless pursuit, but there’s always happiness to be found in the journey. Suddenly though, it felt like that part had been taken away from us, by forces beyond our control. ‘Hopeless’ is our meta song about making music together. It’s a tribute to all those nearly missed Tiger-airline flights, those hideous 9pm-12am Tuesday practice slots (followed by a 90-minute drive back down the coast) and the long uncomfortable tours in borrowed Toyota Taragos… some of the happiest times in our lives.

The sense of anxiety and vulnerability filters through in the vocals but the inherent optimism shines though in the jaunty pace of the song and the lyrics:

‘Hopeless’ is available to stream and download here and the band becomes the first Australian band to offer a digital pressing of the track through Serenade. What is a digital pressing? According to Serenade, it is:

…a new way to experience music that unites artists and fans through a collectible format. Pressings include full length audio, artwork, inclusion in the intimate community of owners, as well as the option to redeem unlockable rewardsyou receive a limited edition release of the album, EP or single, stamped with your name for the rest of time, as well as access to unlockable rewards. You can listen to the pressing on Serenade or transfer it to a third party wallet using our simple transfer feature.

The Digital Pressing will include the album’s full audio, exclusive animated artwork as well as a full album audio commentary from the band and liner notes diving into each track.

‘Partly Cloudy’ can be pre-saved/pre-ordered here and you can catch the band tonight at the Manning Bar in Sydney as part of Science Week – details and tickets here.

Feature Photograph: James Morris

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