News: Harlem-Based Singer Eric Penn Releases New Single ‘Timber’

Following the resounding success of his ‘Living Room Sessions’ EP, Virginia Beachsinger/songwriter Eric Penn returns with a captivating single titled ‘Timber’.

Delving into the intricate crossroads of love and doubt, Penn’s smooth and sultry vocals take centre stage in this romantic journey, accompanied by an atmospheric instrumental that weaves a narrative of love’s battles and the heart’s tumultuous journey. ‘Timber’ features lush and emotive instrumentation, with plucky synth lines gracefully transitioning into sweeping arpeggios. A soft electronic hum and reverberant percussion add depth and energy to the track, creating a sonic landscape that complements Penn’s enticing signature sound.

In a statement about the single, Eric Penn reflects on the organic creation process: “As I continue to move deeper into my music journey, I am searching for a specific feeling that resonates before I ever write a word. Art is something that should be expressed freely, and Timber was that for me. Sometimes I become a bit too rigid with creation, and that rigidity tries to camouflage itself with intentionality. The creation of the song was ethereal. It just made itself. It was just something I felt deeply, and I didn’t have to force it. I hope that message is conveyed clearly when you hear the song.”

Penn, known for his delightful singing voice and impressive range, acknowledges the natural flow of his musical acumen, attributing his abilities to something greater than himself. Despite his reserved personality, the birth of his daughters has injected a fresh sense of urgency into his musical endeavors, marking a significant turning point in his life and influencing his work ethic.

‘Timber’ stands as another testament to Eric Penn’s evolving artistry, providing listeners with an intimate glimpse into the complexities of love, all while showcasing his innate musical prowess.

Listen below:

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