News: Sydney’s fizzing pop punksters Down For Tomorrow are up for a national tour and entice with anthemic single ‘Dark Comedy’ – a zesty track capturing the zeitgeist with an explosive thrill.

Sydney outfit Down For Tomorrow continue their skyward trajectory with their new single ‘Dark Comedy’. Chainsaw guitars tear apart the sonic landscape under the urgent excoriating vocals. This track has the bite and thunder of something like The Vines – indelible melodies that arch over the thunderous instrumentation, imbued with power and passion and a container load of attitude.

Lead vocalist and guitarist Cody Stebbings talks about the meaning behind ‘Dark Comedy’:

There’s a quote I read in a book from a theatre-obsessed Augustus. Apparently, his last words were ‘have I played my part in the farce of life well enough?’ I’d like to say that’s what inspired the song – it didn’t – but I think it nails the point. Life is merely a series of unfortunate occurrences, dramatic mishaps and ridiculous interactions. And in hindsight, it’s fucking hilarious.

We’re at the point where things are so incredibly bad that it’s basically a Monty Python skit. People I know have become so desensitised from calamity that the next repeated error can be laughed at as if to say, ‘I told you so’.

Laughter is the answer to chaos and darkness. And while there’s irritation with every obstacle that life throws at us, sometimes the best antidote is to find the hilarity between the cracks.

The humour-laced vituperative download perfectly captures the zeitgeist, but above reveals that this band is something quite special, mixing intelligence and anger in a powerful sonic punch:

‘Dark Comedy’ is out now through all the usual sites.

With this boundless energy and tongue in cheek attitude, you can imagine this will be an outrageously fun band to see in the flesh. Well, for some lucky punters, you will have a chance to see Down For Tomorrow in action – now with bacchanalian dancing and singing permitted in some States.

Dark Comedy Tour – tickets available here.

Friday, 4 March,  The Leadbetter Hotel, Melbourne
Friday, 25 March, Waywards, Sydney

With RedHook and The Dead Love
Tickets available here

Friday, 6 May. Max Watts, Melbourne
Saturday, May 7, Lion Arts Factory, Adelaide
Thursday, May 10, Oxford Arts Factory Sydney
Friday, May 13 The Zoo, Brisbane 

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