News: Italian Indie-Rockers Masseduction Drop Cathartic New Single ‘Blame’

Italian Indie-Rockers Masseduction drop the explosive and cathartic new single ‘Blame’. Offering a punching soundscape of relentless guitar riffs, tight drums and grounding bass under the urgent, emotive vocals. The track offers an exciting high-octane single comparable to the likes of Queens Of The Stone Age, Nothing But Thieves and Royal Blood.

Emerging from the pandemic’s creative crucible, Italian indie-rock trio Masseduction found unity amid adversity in early 2021. Forced by the absence of live shows, singer Giordano Giacchetti, guitarist Salvatore Dragone, and bassist Lorenzo Galante united via a Facebook musicians’ group. Their debut release arrived in 2022, a cover of Billie Eilish’s ‘NDA’, showcasing their alt-rock influences. Drummer Stefano Malagnino soon joined, setting the stage for the release of their original track, ‘Eager Eyes’.

Now, returning Masseduction, the band continue to showcase their strikingly complete sound, despite being only their third official single release. Boasting mixing by John Catlin and mastering by Grammy winner Brian Lucey, the track is a fine addition to their growing catalogue with all the hallmarks of a band who could blow up on a national scale.

Lyrically, ‘Blame’ becomes an emotional purge, a mirror reflecting universal frustration and self-exploration. Lead vocalist Giordano Giacchetti delves into disappointment’s depths, encapsulating a shared human experience: “Being disappointed in who’s supposed to be close to us can be really frustrating – You can also read it into self-delusion, most people fail to accept themselves the right way. I do believe everyone experienced this at some point, it’s all about letting it go”.

‘Blame’ cements Masseduction’s place as an exciting up and coming band with a bright future.

Listen below:

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