Track: It’s ‘Only A Dream’ for London-based Melbourne trio HighSchool – a deliciously dark hyperkinetic track with a gothic aftertaste. Plus tour news.

Feature Photograph: Aurora Wintz

Melbourne born and bred but now relocated to London, the magnificent trio HighSchool are back with a fabulous new single ‘Only A Dream’ – a dark brooding slow burning fuse that ignites with a pop fervour into a jangling motorik beat that sets the pulse racing.

There’s no doubting the antipodean petri dish that has contributed to the HighSchool sound, where you can detect traces of The Go-Betweens and The Chills or their late lamented contemporaries The Goon Sax, as well as a certain stance and gothic-tinged attitude that reflects Rowland S Howard or Nick Cave. However, the trio veer into another realm with the electronic spine and rapid thrum of the track that is buoyant and irrepressible.

The band has signed with iconic label Speedy Wunderground and worked in the studio with the label’s Dan Carey. The band says of the process:

The process of making a song – from composing to recording to releasing – usually takes us ages. We labour every detail and do like 30 mixes before we’re happy. In this sense, working with Speedy has been a revelation. Completing the recording of an entire song in one day and completing the mix the next day was liberating. It taught us to be economical and concise, and not to sweat the small stuff. Dan is a total visionary and an absolute pleasure to work with. We’re super stoked with the result.

The video, created by the band, packs all the energy and joie de vivre into its blurry hyperkinetic footage:

‘Only A Dream’ is out now and available to download and stream here (including a limited edition 7 inch single limited to 500 copies worldwide). You can catch HighSchool live at the following dates across Europe and the UK:

21st & 22nd Oct / Left of The Dial Festival, Rotterdam – Netherlands

26th Oct / Fluxbah, Berlin – Germany
27th Oct / Loppen, Copenhagen – Denmark
4th Nov / Mutations Festival, Brighton – UK
10th Nov / Shacklewell Arms, London – UK

HighSchool are Lilli and Rory Trobbiani and Luke Scott.

Feature Photograph: Aurora Wintz

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