Premiere: Antlered Aunt Lord reveals video for Abandoned Car

Antlered Aunt Lord is the project of Jesse Stannard, a singer songwriter who’s spent the last ten years in Athens, Georgia, making music on his own terms and his own agenda. Following whatever path he feels like (his ramshackle shows are legendary in Athens) HHBTM are putting out his first official release, Abandoned Car.

In keeping with what we know about Stannard, it beautifully scuffed, DIY song, full of this scuzzy guitar and mysterious, almost hidden vocals. Somehow though, it’s a thing that’s impossible to ignore, has a melody that gnaws away at you, and doesn’t even make it to the two minute mark.

We’re delighted to premiere the video for the rack right here on Backseat Mafia. check it out below.

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