Track: The Plane Sailors soar high with release of new single ‘Strikeout’

Brisbane indie four-piece The Plane Sailors have spent the last two years hard at work, trying on new sounds, fleshing out new ideas and bringing new creative vision to life, which culminates in the debut of their new single, Strikeout. Together since 2018, the song serves as both an introduction for some and a reintroduction for those who have keenly followed the group from the very beginning.

An evocative range of influences can be heard in their music, from such greats as Ball Park Music to TOWNS, mixed with hints of Modern Baseball and Blink-182. The band’s love for all things pop-rock, particularly the 00’s emo era, comes through in their 2021 output. Here is a group making music with nods to the past, but with what’s coming next also firmly in their sights.

“‘Strikeout’ sets the groundwork for what’s to come from us as a band. You hear those guitars in the intro, and you know it’s a Plane Sailors Song.” -The Plane Sailors

After having had a great run in the local music scene when they formed in 2018, The Plane Sailors have since undergone a significant amount of change, with the process of making new music together bringing a set of challenges for the band. Coming out the other side stronger, they re-emerged this year after their hiatus with a new sound, new direction and a newfound vigour.

“Our new music is definitely a fresh sound and more creative than anything we have made previously. I’m honestly really proud of building something from the ground up and having it result in the best thing we have made to date,” says The Plane Sailors guitarist, Joe Floyd. ‘Strikeout’ is a perfect example of the band soaring at a creative peak. 

Catch The Plane Sailors ‘Strikeout’ Launch on Friday, September 17 at Tomcat Brisbane, with support from Cheap Date, Lost Goat Found, Passionfruit and Lunchtime.

‘Strikeout’ is out NOW

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