Say Psych: Premiere: Helicon – ‘I Hate Everyone But I Quite Like You’

Glasgow psych-rock heavyweights Helicon have been blowing minds across the UK with their esoteric noise for the best part of a decade – think huge walls of cosmic, motorik noise colliding head-on with strung-out sitar-led jams and nihilistic fuzz. After picking up a notorious reputation for their live show and releasing a handful of EPs, it wasn’t until 2017 that Helicon released their self-titled debut album on Fuzz Club – a declaration of intent that proved beyond any doubt why the band had become such a prominent face within the UK psych scene.

Just over a year later and Helicon are set to release a new three-track EP titled Zero Fucks on 11th January and BSM is honoured to bring you the premiere of the lead track ‘I Hate Everyone But I Quite Like You’. Talking about the track, vocalist and guitars John-Paul Hughes explains: “Like the title, it’s a song of two halves that completely shifts in dynamic halfway through. The way your life does when someone completely different comes into it. It’s probably about as close to a love song as we’d ever write.”

Recorded live, mixed and produced in one day at Glasgow’s Green Door Studio, the new EP is comprised of three instrumentals that strip things down to their raw fundamentals and allow the band’s expansive song-writing to take centre-stage. Talking about the EP, vocalist and guitarist John-Paul Hughes explains: “We wrote the tracks on this record as we were preparing to tour ahead of Fuzz Club Eindhoven 2018. We wanted some new high-energy material for our live set and these three tracks went down so well in Eindhoven that we decided to get into the studio as quickly as possible to record them and try to capture what was happening at that moment.”

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