Say Psych: Track Review: Flying Moon in Space – Faces (Xiu Xiu Remix)

The Leipzig based Flying Moon In Space have recruited Jamie Stewart of prolific American experimental band Xiu Xiu (Polyvinyl/Upset The Rhythm) for a remix of their ‘Faces’ single. The remix arrives off the back of the band’s self-titled debut album which was released last month via Fuzz Club Records and we reviewed in full, you can read it here.

Lifted from said album, ‘Faces’ was already a hedonistic, club-facing exercise in thumping 4/4 rhythms and glitchy electronics but, on this remix, Stewart pushes the song to its extremes.

On the ‘Faces’ remix, Flying Moon In Space said: “While we were recording our album in the studio we thought right away about how great it would be to have some remixes for the album. Some of our tracks were heading in a techno direction so it wasn’t hard to imagine which ones needed to be remixed, ‘Faces’ was one of them. It was an honour to have Jamie Stewart work on it. We all love the countless musical styles he’s explored. He has such an inspiring output with a huge range of experimental sounds. I guess what connects our music to his is that it doesn’t fit in one particular genre at all, which is something we’re also intent on sticking to.”

This is a fresh take, on a fresh song, some would wonder what’s the point? But Flying Moon in Space were born out of instrumental experimentation and this remix takes that ethos and cranks it to the max. The industrial edge combined with a hedonistic beat makes this a remix you won’t forget in a hurry.

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