Premiere: K.O.A. reveal new single, Our Last

Picture Credit: Leigh Kelly

Brought up on a diet of Green Day, Third Eye Blind and Eminem, Arizona brothers Austin and Jagger a.k.a. K.O.A. have released a new single ‘Our Last’, and we’re delighted to premiere it right here on Backseat Mafia today. Nowadays more inspired by artists like Lil Peep, Corbin and Bobby Raps, the pair have been working and living in LA, with Austin being a professional dancer, including on the  Taylor Swift 1989 World Tour, while  Jagger is a rapper who was signed to Timberland and his music was featured on FaZe Clan YouTube channel. Together though, they are K.O.A.

On the song, the brothers say  “It’s about losing sleep thinking some shit you really shouldn’t… Truth is, it might be the last time you see this person you think you’re in love with. It could be because it doesn’t work out. They could be seeing someone else. Maybe the world might end. Who knows. Production wise “Our last”, has a big hip-hop influence carried with an acoustic guitar loop recorded off a baby taylor that’s been drawn on too many times. A synth from serum fixed to sound like a Tele. Drums and an 808 to complete it. Vocal production is also a big part of the song. Messing with distorting, flangers, pitch shifting, and screaming”

Our Last hits you with melancholy melodies, scattered percussion and sweeps of acoustic guitar, as these understated vocals whisper directly to you as it wends its hip-hop influenced R&B way though. And if the melody doesn’t get you then the beats will.

Check it out, here

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