Premiere: The luminous Lunar Twin unveil sublime video for the visceral and exciting track ‘Beyond The Sun’, ahead of new album release.

We are very pleased to be able to premiere the new video for the song ‘Beyond The Sun’ from the US electro-goth outfit Lunar Twin. It’s been an eventful two years since we reviewed the duo’s magnificent album ‘Ghost Moon Ritual‘ back in April 2020: a point in time when we were oblivious to the full force of what was to come around the globe.

Now, the band is back with news of a new album entitled ‘Aurora’ due out on 1 December 2022 and a delightful amuse bouche in the form of a video for the track ‘Beyond The Sun’. One half of the duo, Bryce Boudreau, says:

After the challenges of the last few years making music is more so then ever a refuge for me. I’m grateful to get to do this again.

The other half, Christopher Murphy, adds that he is:

…excited to share this journey of the last year of making Aurora in this different new reality. 

Despite the vicissitudes of life that have burdened us all in the recent years, one thing is certain: Lunar Twin remains an exciting and vital musical force. ‘Beyond The Sun’ contains, antithetically, all the chill and stature that exemplifies Lunar Twin’s previous work. There is a visceral dark and gothic undercurrent to the electronic flow: a motorik beat driving glacial synths that support the sonorous vocals with a scatter gun percussion. The fuzzy thrum and insistent forward motion is sparse and atmospheric, with an ebb and flow that is cathartic. The electronic aura cuts and thrusts like a sabre – the cold distant attack reminiscent of Nine Inch Nails, leavened by a dream pop melody.

The brilliant, immersive video, directed by Mizuki Hayashi, has a sci-fi anime feel that nods at Akira or Ghost In The Shell within a Blade Runner neon-lit world, interspersed with the band performing. It is enigmatic and ominous at the same time, fitting in with the sonic multi-layered architecture of the music. Boudreau says:

I love how Mizuki envisioned this new world, then brought it to life around our song . We are lucky to have her work with us

Murphy agrees:

Mizuki really found a way to show her own concepts and way of seeing the world and yet still fit with the  vibes of our  song I’m stoked to have worked with her 

The result is a perfectly executed marriage of sight and sound in a purple hue that befits the mysterious nature of this very exciting band:

‘Aurora’ is out on 1 December 2022 and you can get the single and pre-order through the link below:

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