Track: Talay returns with ‘Parents House’

With a departure from her acoustic debut, Talay is back and cranking it up to eleven with an anthem for millennials. Everything from the musical composition to its tone and subject matter all comes together to create a track that’s highly addictive.



Musically it feels like a brilliant throwback to pop punk of the early 2000’s and is wonderfully intricate in the delivery (especially the way its been mixed) and the way the backing vocals and harmonies work together bring it to life. From palm muted guitars to distortion, the way its all been put together is highly entertaining to listen to, especially the way the guitar and bass work together in the four chord chorus brings out a great feeling of energy.

Lyrically it’s fun, engaging and has the power to get you singing along to the chorus before you know it. Talay’s delivery has the perfect amount of humour, navigating the pro’s and con’s of living at home and gives the track a much more personalised feel that’s quickly relatable.

There’s more new music coming soon and after this release, it’s exciting to get to hear more. For more on Talay be sure to click the links below:



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