Track: Harker – The Beast Must Die

Brighton, UK punk rock band Harker have shared a new single ‘The Beast Must Die’. The track is taken off the band’s upcoming LP ‘Axiom’ out April 23rd on Wiretap Records, Disconnect Disconnect Records, Shield Recordings, Fixing A Whole Records.

“The Beast Must Die’ is based on the idea of ‘Mono-consciousness’ by English writer Colin Wilson – as a philosopher, Wilsons writing was heavily focused on striving to live with a heightened sense of meaning and avoiding a closed mindset. This track is a study of characters with a lack of empathy and spirituality, in the end leading to apathy for existence. ‘Mono-consciousness’ is a beast that lurks inside, and needs to be hunted before it takes control of of us.”

Mark Boniface (singer/guitarist)

Raw and honest, this is music turned up to 11 on the volume and fuzz. Dynamics are the key here and the band use them to great effect as the whole band are held together as guitars and drums batter out the tracks rhythm. Topped with the shouted vocals that punk demands and you have a fast track that screams to be played.

Check it out, here

Find out more about the band via their Website or Facebook

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