Track: Joshua Burnside Returns With A Hypnotic Single ‘And You Evade Him/Born in the Blood’

Three years after the release of his award-winning debut album ‘Ephrata’, Joshua Burnside has returned to announce the release of his follow up album ‘Into The Depths Of Hell’ due 4th of September.  An absurdist examination at the suffering humans inflicts on each other every day and the innate human condition that demands we find some humour in it lest we collapse, ‘Into The Depths…’  postulates that perhaps the first ring of hell begins on our doorstep.

Burnside’s first ring is the expressive ‘And You Evade Him/Born in the Blood’. A mixture of traditional Irish influenced melodies, electronics and vocal harmonies over a folk tinged guitar riff as a back bone with disturbing cymbal crashes and drum beats. This is an exceptional composition, hypnotic in its vocal work and the repetitive guitar riff and lyrics taking on “the  Almighty  Banks  of The  West,  built upon  a culture  of  colonialism,  bloodshed  and  classism,  look  on  as  the world spirals further into chaos – and as they reap  the  rewards,  more humans continue to be Born In  The  Blood”.

Check it out, here

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