Track: Aetherian release an environmental friendly track ‘Primordial Woods’

Melodic death metallers Aetherian released a new single, ‘Primordial Woods’ featuring the distinctive vocals of Sakis Tolis of Rotting Christ.

The band states of the song:

“These past few years our planet is experiencing a rapid change of the global climate. The extent of fires in Australia, the Amazon rainforest and the Siberian boreal forest, shows us that the worst-case scenario is right on our doorstep. The destruction of wildlife’s natural habitat diminishes biodiversity and is disrupting the balance of every ecosystem. The damage we now cause might as well be irreversible. “Primordial Woods” is a song about our world’s forests. Preserving their magic and passing it over to the next generations is our duty. Let’s not make the same mistakes as those before us did.”

A climatic beginning with rolling drums and percussive guitar playing that come to a finish with a growl. A growl that continues over some melodic guitar lines as the track builds up its many layers. Even with the track being this heavy, it feels light and floats along due to the incredible musicianship. A small acoustic medley allows the track to take a breath before the metal kicks back in. This is one hell of a metal track with an important message.

Check it out, here

Find out more about the band via their Website or Facebook

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