Søren Lorensen, a duo comprising musicians known for their work in (respectively) Aqualung and Goldfrapp Matt Hales and Davide Rossi, have unveiled the video for their new single, ‘Swallow’. It’s taken from their debut album ‘Lake Constance’.

Both the video and the song recall ‘OK Computer’-era Radiohead and tell the story of a white-collar man’s recovery from a car crash caused by his sleepiness and inattention. It might be of interest to fans of baroque pop. The video is directed by Marc Corrigan and the cover art to ‘Lake Constance’ has been created by Charlie and Lola (in which a character named Søren Lorensen features) show-runner Lauren Child.

Hales says he “had the outline of this song hanging around for about 15 years … but it just wouldn’t take … then Davide and I started making our lovely wonky music and The Idea twitched back into life and this time, it was time!” ‘Lake Constance’ is released via Okey-Donkey on April 3rd. You can pre-order it here.