News: Lost Film Announces Demo Tape

Lost Film, aka Massachusetts-based lo-fi guitar pop solo artist Jim Hewitt, will release ‘Between Melting and Freezing’, a cassette featuring demos of four songs written during the sessions for his recent third album ‘Zero Summer’ (2019). Only one of the songs, the Smiths/New Order-esque ‘Confess’, made it to the album in an alternate version.

Hewitt says two of the others, ‘Where You Are’ and ‘Something Else’, concerned the break-up of a married couple with whom he had been friends, and would have therefore caused a sombre mood to dominate the album if they had been included. The other song, ‘Baseball’, is an upbeat tune he wrote to offset the sadness of those two songs.

‘Between Melting and Freezing’ will be released as a limited-edition cassette by Sheffield label Utility Tapes on April 4th. You can pre-order it here.

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