Track: The Nix – All is Well (Feat. Laetitia Sadier)

Out now on Moshi Moshi Records is ‘Until Now, All is Well’ by Nix, a collective of musicians, headed by Nick McCarthy, formerly of Franz Ferdinand. ‘All is Well’ is based around an original composition by Mal Waldron and features on vocals, Laetitia Sadier, founding member of Avant-Pop band, Stereolab. The track itself, has a dub-reggae edge, with hypnotic beats and bass harnessing electronica elements, reminiscent of both classic disco and chill-out duo, Air. There is a familiar, yet otherworldly edge to this tune, it draws on both the known and something new altogether. The vocals are unsurprisingly strong and vibrant, as the song tunefully and gracefully charges into anthemic pop territory. There’s hints of brass throughout, (provided by Wolfie from Munich) which cuts in, giving a grounded, organic feel and is later given chance to shine in the most original sounding of solos, full of presence and character.

’Until Now, All is Well’ is a powerful, catchy, slice of experimental pop. It’s fused with many influences and guided by a plethora of styles and genres. The musicianship is masterful, the melody memorable and the vocals, truly haunting and majestic. This track is available to download from Bandcamp from the Moshi Moshi Records Page.

There’s also a limited edition white label 7’’ vinyl, which not only features ‘Until Now, All is Well’ but also ‘The Highest’ featuring Laetitia Sadier.

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