Track: Phantom Isle – MAR V

The new single from London-based band Phantom Isle, is pure explosive medication guaranteed to sort out those isolation blues.

‘MAR V’ opens up with an eighties euro-disco stomp with the most mind-blowing bass riff and a wall of funky, filthy noise – guitars, synths and pounding insistent drums. It is absolutely exhilarating, mixing an early Simple Minds thumping pace with a hard edged, blunt industrial assault.

Keyboard player, Joshua Pullen, says: 

The song started as a remix of our previous single ‘I Am Urs’ but became a very different beast when I was messing about with a new drum machine I bought. I was listening to a lot of Soulwax and Simian Mobile Disco at the time and loved how they would produce songs with a pounding single-note loop throughout.

The upbeat driving tone does however cloak lyrics that are darker. Lyricist and drummer, Sam Thorne explains: 

The lyrics were actually written about feeling anxious and alone

The result is something rather extraordinary and very refreshing:

This is a heart-racing cathartic blast that makes you reach for your pills and take a lie down afterwards. And then get straight back up again for another listen. You can download or stream the single here.

Phantom Isle are:
Peter Marchant (Vocals/Guitar), Josh Pullen (Keys), Jonny Longland (Bass), and Sam Thorne (Drums)

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