Track: Julien baker – Red Door/Conversation Piece

Two tracks that were previously only available on a Record Store Day limited 7″ have now finally been released onto all good (and probably otherwise) streaming services.

Slightly biased here but I can’t help it. I love Julien Baker and she can do no wrong. She has that ability to stop time and grab all your attention while pulling you though her emotions with lyrical beauty. Red Door is Julien classic which does just that. An old live favourite that was previously only available on a limited Record Store Day 7” exclusive.

To have her wonderfully intricate guitar work and that soothing vocal work and it’s all in the vocals this song. The dynamic vocals like the ending of her track Appointments isn’t here but they aren’t needed. The music does it for her with a mixture of guitar and piano and percussion. 

Similarly, Conversation piece is in the same vain. Its wonderfully arranged in Julien’s wonderful sparseness. Helped along with a comforting guitar it builds slowly and steady, with a heartbeat drum and becomes swirling and melodic with a violin to bring the song to a close.

They bring nothing new but then there’s nothing new needed. It’s Julien Baker doing what she does best and what a joy it is to be in a world where the likes of Julien Baker want to make music.

Check them out, here

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