Track: Bat for Lashes – Kids in the dark

The wonderful thing about music I find is the ability to transport you to a time. Whether it was the first time you heard it, back when we all still bought CDs, or how it can transport you back in time with a feeling or a sense that defined an era.

Kids in the dark, the first single off her new album Lost girl, does just that. From the initial fade in its every soft focused 80s film rolled up in glamorous synths and electronic drums. It all works so well together and to top it all we with that voice. I’ve always liked Khans voice but with this track she really shines. A voice to lead weary sailors to their deaths on the rocks.

It takes a few spins to appreciate what she has created but it will be a song you will like (has she made a bad song?). The 80s theme is by design as she channels inspiration from 80s films and music she absorbed growing up. The lyrics, the instruments the production is perfect, and if the single is anything to go by her album Lost Girl is going to put you in the mood for open top sports car, rolled up sleeves and wild hair. 

Take a listen, here

Lost Girls is out September 6th via AWAL Recordings

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