Track: Sarah Davachi releases single ‘Border of Mind’ from forthcoming album ‘Antiphonals’

Sarah Davachi is a composer and performer who, like fellow keyboardists Ana Roxanne or Anna Von Hausswollf, relentlessly navigates the tidal intersections between electronic and drone music. As an artist she has serious collaborative credentials, having worked with such luminaries as Basinski, Grouper, Donald Buchla and Loren Connors, but from 2018 Davachi has focused more vividly on her own sonic maps and paths. Over the last two years the Canadian musician has carefully nurtured an expanding series of releases on her own Late Music label, continually building creative momentum as she delves even deeper into the ambient and the atmospheric.

Now, following her revered double album ‘Cantus, Descant’ in 2020, she has announced that a new record ‘Antiphonals’ will be available via Late music from 10th September. Promising a close connection to the layered sound blends of 2018’s ‘Let The Night Come On Bells End The Day’, Davachi has returned to her trusted instrumental companions, the Mellotron, electric organ, piano and synthesiser, to further unravel the melodic and harmonic in her own unique way.

Having gifted us the first preview track ‘Rushes Recede’ last month, a new single and accompanying video ‘Border of Mind’ is available to add to the already weighty anticipation for Antiphonals’ release. Opening with the sonorous groan of cello sounds, this latest piece unfolds with subtle layers of reverberation and suggested melody. A long slow mesmeric descent follows, opening out at journey’s end to a delicate fanfare of fragile organ chords. It’s those gentle inspired surprises that give Davachi’s music its emotional power and elevate its significance in the often clinical world of minimalism. On this evidence Antiphonals promises to be a pivotal record.

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