Out on May 28th via Alcopop! Records is a new double A side single cassette ‘ Now That’s What I Call Sings From My Teens’ by Welsh DIY hero Helen Love. The first track ‘1234 Dee Dee Ramone’ is available now Along with a new video.

Commenting on the release, which comes with five different cover sleeves, Helen says “School bullies, snake bites and disco lights, dodging the flying blackboard duster. Love bites and black tights. Reasons to be cheerful 123…nothing to do and all day to do it. Records out, headphones ON. Me? I’m back there again…playing songs from my teens.”

‘1234 Dee Dee Ramone’m blasts out of the traps, perfect DIY bubblegum-punk for these lockdown times, as Helen sings this hopelessly catchy melody over scuffed up guitars, driving rhythm section and gluey synth lines. Resistance is impossible…..

Check out the similarly DIY video, here