Film Review: Skylines

There can’t be many people who thought after watching The Brother Strause’s Skyline in 2000 that it would be the first instalment of one of the best sci-fi trilogies of the 21st century. It was an inauspicious opening, but when co-writer and producer Liam O’Donnell made the surprisingly good sequel Beyond Skyline in 2017, things started to look up. He’s back with Skylines, the final and best entry into the franchise.

A deadly virus is threatening to destroy the Earth. Turning its friendly alien hybrids against humans and transforming them into killing machines. Rose (Lindsey Morgan), now an adult, has turned her back on the world after the disappearance of her father. However, she’s brought back into the fold and must travel with her brother Trent (Jeremy Fitzgerald) and an elite squad of soldiers to an alien planet in order to save the world.

Whilst Skylines is still constrained by budget, it’s testament to the work of O’Donnell that it’s hardly noticeable. The action takes place between Earth and Cobalt 1, with one story following the crew as they attempt to recover a core drive whilst Dr. Mal (Rhona Mitra) tries to find a cure. These twin stories intertwine well, as does a sub-plot around Rose’s ‘powers’. Skylines is a rousing end to what has turned out to be remarkably rewarding series of films.

Skylines is select US Theatres, Drive-ins, on Demand and Digital December 18th. 

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