EEFF Review: The Outsider

Tom Meadmore made small waves with his debut film, the rip-roaring How to Lose Jobs & Alienate Girlfriends. Working as a television editor in his native Australia, he was determined to make his own film. So much so that he ended up making a documentary about two musicians chasing their dream. Unfortunately for Tom, they happened to be his boss and partner and things didn’t exactly end well. He’s back with a film about another character. Former billionaire Nobu Su.

In 2008, Nobu Su was one of the most successful shipping magnates in the world. A flamboyant character, his rise was not exactly welcomed by his conservative peers. When the financial crash happened, he lost almost everything. He tried to struggle on and salvage his business but became increasingly suspicious that something fishy was going on. Nobu has subsequently dedicated every day of his life into proving that financial institution had been playing fast and loose with his money. This was to the detriment of his family and his health. The Outsider follows him on his quest for justice. With the help of a few experts.

The Outsider brings together two key elements to make a fun and absorbing documentary. Firstly, there’s Nobu Su, who by any definition is a character. He’s a loquacious eccentric with a horrendous fashion sense. Then, there’s the conspiracy, if one exists. By the end of the film it’s still impossible to tell whether he’s been wronged or whether the last decade has taken its toll on his sanity. The Outsider is an entertaining film which is fairly free-flowing, occasionally rambling, but always fascinating.

The Outsider is screening at East End Film Festival on 20th April.

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