Track: Broadside – The Raging Sea

In conjunction with the announcement of their forthcoming album, ‘Into The Raging Sea’ due July 24th via SharpTone Records. Broadside have shared the follow up to ‘Foolish Believer’ with their new single ‘The Raging Sea’.
“The album came out like magic,” frontman Ollie Baxxter says, with enthusiasm. “I’m not trying to impress or keep up with the hype. I wasn’t under any pressure. We just wrote an album without knowing what it would turn into. All of the people I’ve idolised always say songs just flowed out of them, not because they wanted them to necessarily, but because they had to. Up until recently, that didn’t feel realistic for me. I didn’t think I was capable of creating art with that pureness of spirit.”

These guys pack some amount of emotion in their songs. It’s all in the lyrics, “Who am I? The fear is sinking in. Your hands are getting colder as my talents wearing thin. All I ever wanted was the space to put my head
You took my need to be loved and you hung me from a bridge” The picked guitar shines through and the use of quiet and aloud allows Baxter to stretch those emotional vocal chords. Wait till he really opens up on the chorus.

Check it out, here

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1. The Raging Sea
2. Foolish Believer
3. Overdramatic
4. Nights Alone
5. Heavenly
6. Clarity
7. Dancing On The Ceiling (With You)
8. Seasons
9. Breathe You In
10. The Setting Sun
11. Burning At Both Ends

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