Over four Albums, Eps and countless singles the KEYS have become a presence on the Welsh musical landscape. The quality of the band’s music, touches on the wide eyed wonder and boundless possibilities of the sixties pop song, West Coast harmonies, Motown backbeat and the aggression of post 1968 proto-punk.

‘Black and White’ is the confident and bold return of the KEYS.

“I wrote it while playing the drums on my own one morning. I was trying to write a modern-day nursery rhyme so it’s kept really simple. Then it went through the KEYS machine and came out all reverb guitars and maracas. It starts off Scout Niblett and ends up all Stooges with some Ron Asheton-style wah-wah thrown into the mix. It’s still a very sparse arrangement though which is the point.” – Matt Evens

Melding psychedelic reverb, 60’s fuzz and a softly crooned vocal, ‘Black and White’ is the soundtrack to a late night poker game, dive bar living and being in a motel with someone you probably shouldn’t.

“The lyric comes from something a photographer said to us once “Don’t worry, they’ll look alright in Black and White”; Gwion (Lead Guitar) used to quote it all the time in a jokey way so it ended up finding a melody.”

Black and White is released May 3rd on Libertino.