Track: Thrillhouse – Wild Child

It is with great delight we feature another single from that enigmatic and mysterious Brighton band Thrillhouse. This is the third in a set of highly impressive set of singles from a band that in terms of history is punching way above its weight.

‘Ready When You Are’ and ‘Lesser’ featured echoes of Talking Heads and Arcade Fire and while new single ‘Wild Child’ does not swerve radically from this comparison, there is an eighties early Madonna vibe to the synth heavy instrumentation: a whiff of a danceable bounce that permeates the track.

Above all though, there is a melodic strength and the vocals are hyperkinetic with a slightly cynical, weary tone: they provide a nice counterpoint to the jaunty music bubbling under the surface. There is a discenable maturity and strength in the musicianship that belies only three single releases so far. The seventies-infused wild and abandoned guitar solo is a delight:

This is another great release from Thrillhouse and is hopefully building up to an album or EP at some point. The band is crafting its own unique sound, setting themselves apart from their peers. In the meantime, you can stream the single here.

Who are Thrillhouse? A mystery to me. What I can say is they are jolly good songwriters and exceptional musicians.

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