EP: Eades Release Debut EP – ‘Microcosmic Things’

Leeds quintet Eades release debut EP debut ‘Microcosmic Things’ via their own label Bam Bam records.

The band comments, “Making the EP was a massive learning curve for us. Deciding to do a small collection of songs as opposed to a run of singles meant that we had to do something somewhat coherent. This made us think a lot about our “sound”. Thankfully because we self produced it (which was a learning curve in it self) we managed to use the production to glue it all together.”

“Lyrically, I pushed the boat out more than I ever had before, taking a lot of time to research poetry and different lyric styles. I even got a thesaurus which has proved extremely useful… I also collaborated with a good friend who’s spent his life writing poetry on a few songs and working with him taught me a lot. I’m pretty proud to finally get it out having done everything ourselves bar the EP cover art.”

Tripping funky bass, huge indie guitar and Ian Brown style singing make ‘Saying Forever’ a cracker of an opener. The production quality is immaculate through out the EP and tracks like ‘Make It Outside’ with its cool laid back groove and ‘Forget What You want’ with the interplay with drums and guitars these guys have spread the talent and come up with a good selection of tracks. Standout track ‘Vivid Dreams’ with its jangly guitar intro and leading line Harry Jordan’s crooning has just the right amount of indie attitude.

Closing on ‘Same Guy’ with its dance rhythms sums this EP well. Guitar heavy and upbeat the Lo-Fi production has this EP sounding amazing, with songs to match up. This is an impressive debut from these guys who have taken the guitar band formula, but approached it from a fresh perspective. Good things are still to come from this band.

Check it out, here

Find out more about the band via their Facebook

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