Track: Thrillhouse – Ready When You Are

Proving themselves to be a fascinating and very exciting new band, Brighton’s Thrillhouse have followed up their brilliant single ‘Lesser’ with a brand new single ‘Ready When You Are’, a clear statement of creative intent. This is such an inventive and creative band that is producing something quite distinct and special.

‘Ready When You Are’ is a more synth-driven song with sequencers and drum machines bubbling under the surface, adding to a driving, insistent beat and a sense of urgency and anxiety. Vocals drift between talking and singing the haunting refrain of the title and there is a studied indifference that adds to the enigmatic tone.

Band member Sam says of the lyrics:

I was lucky to have a pretty good childhood. Loved it. We lived on this road where everyone knew each other. We would all be in each other houses all the time. It was fun. At the centre of it all was a really special person who’s no longer with us. The songs about her. 

Buzzsaw cuts, a funky guitar refrain and splashes of sound permeate the song – it has many intricate layers that crash and recede like waves on a beach, lending a euphoric feel. The accompanying video is very much indicative of a self-deprecating sense of humour in the band:

It’s quite a spectacular track that reaches back to Talking Heads and Bowie while maintaining its own sense of identity:

You can stream the song here. The band itself continue to maintain a mystique about them, with little detail about the members available. Of little importance if you can produce material as good as this. This band deserves to be big.

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