Track: Jacob Humber Gets Reflective On New Single ‘Jesus at My Dining Room Table’

Nashville based indie-folk artist Jacob Humber returns with the melancholic and reflective new single ‘Jesus at My Dinging Room Table’, a beautiful, hard-hitting track packed with musical beauty and depth.

Lyrically covering heavy subjects from racism to religion whilst touching on a sense of self-reflection, Humber’s gentle, emotional vocal delivery adds extra weight to the track’s content. Blending shuffling beats, strummed acoustic guitar and layers of swelling synths, the track’s soundscape underpins the vocals perfectly, giving a beautiful warmth akin to the likes of Sufjan Stevens and early Bon Iver.

speaking about the inspiration behind the track, Jacob explains: “Toward the end of my time in college in Waco, TX, I started writing songs with a guy I worked with named Ben. We held similar sentiments on a number of conversational topics – one specifically regarding the character of Jesus from the Bible. He and I were both raised in evangelical christian households, and we both harbored frustration and sadness over who Jesus is hailed to be by “Christians,” and who we’ve experienced this man to be in our own lives. The two versions of Jesus couldn’t be further apart – something we would talk about often.”

A thematically intense yet sonically southing track, ‘Jesus at My Dining Room Table’ presents Jacob Humber as an exciting up-and-coming talent well worth keeping your eyes on for the future.

Listen below:

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