Following hot on the heels of last month’s blistering single ‘American Crisis’, comes this second track from Mould’s forthcoming album ‘Blue Hearts’. ‘Forecast Of Rain’ has all the hallmarks of a classic Mould song with deft use of distorted guitar, blended with acoustic textures and a solid rhythm which keeps the whole thing moving along. There’s also a warm Hammond organ sound buried in the mix which is pushed to the fore at the songs climax. Long term fans will be reminded of both ‘Black Sheets Of Rain’ and Sugar. It’s one of those brooding Mould tunes which grinds away nicely, whilst he sings of the frustrations of modern life and rages at those in power. On the evidence of this song and the aforementioned ‘American Crisis’ it looks like ‘Blue Hearts’ is going to be a great addition to Mould’s catalogue.

Check out the new official lyric video for the track, released today.

Blue Hears is out SEPT 25th on the fabulous Merge Records.