Track: Charlie Gradon releases the gorgeous shimmering single ‘Your Mess’.

Feature Photograph: Liz Ham

If there is one thing that is guaranteed it is that when Charlie Gradon releases a track, it is going to shine and sparkle like the midday sun. His new track, ‘Your Mess’ is no exception – a gorgeous shimmering track, it features a gentle acoustic guitar that bubbles underneath the velvet vocals and an euphoric chorus that bursts through the melancholic flow like lightning strikes in a thunder storm.

it is perfect pop delivered in a yearning cloak and filled with a sense of lyrical compassion and light – Gradon says of the track:

It’s about inexcusable mistakes. It’s about spiralling, it’s about running from your problems. But most of all it’s about the inherent goodness within all of us. You got a lot of love in your heart.

This love seems to bleed through every note:

‘Your Mess’ is out now and available to stream and download here.

Recorded by Gradon and his band out of Liam Judson’s Sonic Funhouse in the Blue Mountains back in
April 2021, ‘Your Mess’ in its final form comes wrapped up in the dynamism of a group of musicians who
are very much in sync – their artistry elevates the key sounds that sit at the core of Gradon’s songwriting

style. Gradon says:

I’m used to recording in my home studio and layering sounds, but for ‘Your Mess’ we tracked as a live band, only overdubbing the vocals and other finer details. The song feels so much more alive and we were so prepared that we had it in 2-3 takes.

Feature Photograph: Liz Ham

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