Premiere: Berlin-based new wave synth queen Novaa releases the breezy alt pop of ‘School Friends’.

Feature Photograph: Anika Zachow

We are very pleased to premiere the new track ‘School Friends’ from Berlin based alt pop chanteuse Novaa. ‘School Friends’ has a sparse melodic beat with wry observational lyrics that are louche and laid back, capturing the social anxieties of interaction with peers. Novaa has captured a sense of vulnerability in her expression, wrapped up in a syncopated beat and melody.

Novaa’s lyrics are acute and visceral, perfectly capturing this feeling:

It is a class reunion
Everyone’s looking handsome
I’m impressed, I am stressed
I try to look my best, cause
It’s still a shark pool
I’m still the fish food
They’re bearing teeth
I want to leave
But then they’d say that’s looking just like me

Novaa says of the song:

Sometimes melodies or lyrics come to me in dreams. Mostly it’s only fragments, but back in winter 2020 I was dreaming of a music video with a whole chorus. I remember that I was running through a hall way in a school guided by the chorus of ‘School Friends’. When I woke up I recorded the idea on my phone, it got stuck in my head and when I got to my studio a couple of days later I recorded it. This song is probably the most fun one to me on this record. I don’t have the best memories of my time in school, I mostly felt like an outcast, but this song makes it lighter and helps me find peace with that. I hope it does that for others too.

Directed by Novaa herself, the accompanying video reflects a sense of humour as she plays multiple members of her own band – dissociated, distant and uber-cool musicians displaying the sort of self-confidence wished for in the lyrics:

‘School Friends’ is taken from Novaa’s new album ‘She’s A Star’ due May 2022. The single is available to download and stream through all the usual sites from 8 April 2022 and through the link below.

Feature Photograph: Anika Zachow

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