Say Psych: EP Review: Bones Shake – Funbox

Rating: 9/10

Bones Shake are a scuzzy trio who formed in Manchester in 2011 and have been making dirty blues rock and roll ever since. They play everything into the red and their explosive live performances ensure they are a must see on the live circuit. They combine bottle neck blues riffs, pounded drums and reverb drenched vocals in an attempt to help save your soul.

Following a recent tour of France they announce the release of their new EP Funbox, to be released on Abattoir Blues Records on 22nd December 2017.

They open with ‘Cops’, a somewhat controversial statement that will resonate with many, especially in liberal circles. Empowered drumming leads the track with an intense fuzzy guitar riff complimenting evocative lyrics. For anyone unfamiliar with Bones Shake, this track is a perfect introduction to what and who they are. Title track ‘Funbox’ packs a punch with gnarly, gritty vocals and a pounding drum beat. As the guitar comes into prominence, the riff rolls and lures the listener to a deeper plain; this is about as melodic as Bones Shake get whilst maintaining a raw allure.

‘Liars’ begins with blighting guitar noise before a tirade of challenging politically charged lyrics begins which will strike a note with many a disillusioned citizen, especially in the wake of Brexit – “I said you’re wrong, and you sold us down the river”. Concluding with ‘Devil’, a Western inspired guitar riff takes precedent with a similar themed, drawling vocals accompanying. The slower pace of the track shows a versatility to the bands sound and shows they are significantly more than a one trick pony.

The infectious energy that radiates from Bones Shake is contagious and this EP sees them take a firm step towards public consciousness. They are the perfect antidote to the peddled mass media which has become so common place.

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