TRACK: Fortíð announce new album; hear ‘Controlled Patterned Mental Process’

FORTÍРhave released a new single, “Controlled Patterned Mental Process”, taken from the pagan metal duo’s forthcoming sixth full-length, World Serpent.

Fortíð’s Einar Eldur Thorberg says of the track: As the title ‘Controlled Patterned Mental Process’ suggests, this song deals with the way in which the mass of humans is herded around by those few who are in control.

“We are told what to like and dislike, what is beautiful and what is ugly, what is normal and what is strange.

“People who stray from those accepted norms experience a walk of fire, often face ridicule, and are criticised for not fitting in.

“This song also touches on a system that resembles a faceless enemy. When this system fails those that it is supposed to serve, there is never a responsible person to be found. The resulting anger is eventually unleashed on something or someone – even if the target has no connection with the issue.

“Humans are an aggressive species, and the world that we have built revolves around abstract ideas such as money and religion. Ideologies and our true nature are forever set on a collision course.”

Sitting somewhere between black metal and Killing Joke, this is an ambitious and well-executed track.

FORTÍРhave artistically captured such a cataclysmic turning point with their sixth full-length, World Serpent, by creating an album that essentially consists of two contrasting halves, each of five songs each. Although both parts have diverging musical visions and even different line-ups, they complement each other rather than to constitute two separate entities.

“I see World Serpent as a duology,” explains Einar. “The chapters are bound together by an apocalyptic theme that provides a red thread running through this album.”

Fortíð’s World Serpent is out on December 11th.

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