See: Combichrist unveil new video for My life, my ruless

Combichrist have unveiled the video for “My Life, My Rules”, the second track taken from their current album “This is Where Death Begins” which continues the bands metamorphosis from their earlier works which were much more focussed on EBM and Electro with “My Life, My Rules” being a chugging metal anthem for the disaffected.

The video, which has a distinct NSFW vibe to it, features vocalist Andy Laplagua crawling out of a pile of bodies along with other dark imagery. When one fan commented on the rather strange approach to censorship saying “Censorship is funny. It’s okay to show these girls getting their throats cut as long as we blur out the nipples!” the video’s director Jason Alacrity responded wryly with “My thoughts exactly as I was blurring nipples for two hours of my life.”

Check out the video below.

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