DVD Review: Alleluia

Serial Killers have fascinated writers and directors for decades. They’ve thrown up some of the most memorable characters to grace the big screen; whether it’s the chianti drinking Hannibal Lecter or the professionally tailored Patrick Bateman. Double acts are far less prevalent, but in Alleluia Fabrice Du Welz updates the case of “The Lonely Hearts Killers” Raymond Fernandez and Martha Beck in this dark and twisted tale.

Gloria (Lola Dueñas) has left her manipulative husband and started a new life with her children. Pressured by a friend, she goes on a date with the charismatic Michel (Laurent Lucas) and instantly falls in love with him. Michel flees when he realises she’s intensely infatuated with him, but Gloria tracks him down and discovers he’s using his charm to con money out of women he meets through a dating site. After he agrees to stay with her forever, she masquerades as his sister as he continues his money-making scheme. However, Michel doesn’t foresee quite what a jealous Gloria is capable of.

Alleluia is a claustrophobic and tense drama. Michel performs rituals to ensnare his victims but he may have bitten off more than he can chew with the entrapment of Gloria. Lola Dueñas is frighteningly intense and convincing as the obsessive and murderously jealous Gloria. As the bodies begin to rack up Du Welz does seem to lose control of the taut story a bit, but all in all Alleluia is an entertaining and innovative update on this real life case.

Alleluia is released on DVD by Studio Canal today

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