Taken from his new, second album, Rap Album Two is Theses Words are Everything by Southern Californian emce and producer Jonwayne, He’s drafted in special guests such as Shango, Danny Watts, Zeroh and Low Leaf, but Jonwayne remains firmly in control, spitting his ideas, experiences and (often) comedic conclusions drawn from a life filled with isolation and addiction.

The track has this eerieness about it, with these ominous bleeps and harp cascades only adding to the mystery. Over the op, Jonwayne lays down his rhymes and reasoning with some style.

The video for the track directed by Almost | Raymond sees the fruits of his frustration, as Jonwayne sits at a table surrounded by paper strewn around the floor, before it moves firstly to the roof, then to his neighbourhood as he strolls through it seemingly unconcerned by his attire.

Check it out, here