Live Review and Gallery: Surf’s Up and Psych-Rock as Allah-Las Returns to Australia With Their Latest Album ‘Zuma 85’ – 07.12.23, Eora/Sydney

If there’s one word that perfectly encapsulates the essence of Allah-Las, it’s undoubtedly “cool”. This sentiment reverberated through the Metro Theatre in Eora/Sydney on Thursday night as the California-based band took the stage. Renowned for their distinctive fusion of surf rock, folk rock, and classic rock elements, Allah-Las has been making a splash for the past 15 years, and it’s easy to see why. Entrance music, you might ask? (You didn’t, but I’ll tell you anyway), ‘The House – Instrumental’ from the Home Alone movie soundtrack.

Marking the band’s return to Australia after an almost three-year hiatus, and paired with their latest album release ‘Zuma 85’, the tour is somewhat of a celebration. Allah-Las’ natural talent for embodying the laid-back vibes of the California coastline resonate so seamlessly with fans from Sydney and the Central Coast “coasties”. The audience collectively reveled in the melodies and moods that echoed the essence of sun, sand, and sea. It really is a match made in heaven.

The blend of their timeless classics, including ‘Busman’s Holiday’ from their debut album over a decade ago, and the novel sounds from ‘Zuma 85’, cultivated an atmosphere that resonated with both seasoned and newfound fans. The stage visuals, reminiscent of a beach at sunset, added a beautiful dimension to the experience. This was a night where the cool essence of Allah-Las transcended the music, transforming the Metro Theatre into a temporary haven.

‘Zuma 85’ was brought forth in a two-year journey of musical exploration during the global shutdown. Released on their independent label, Calico Discos, in collaboration with Innovative Leisure, ‘Zuma 85’ draws inspiration from a diverse range of influences, including progressive rock, krautrock, and ’90s and 2000s pop.

The night unfolded with an easygoing flow, aligning perfectly with Allah-Las’ cruisey style. Anything that wasn’t a bucket hat or a palm tree felt inconsequential in the face of the captivating yet breezy performance unfolding on stage.

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