After debut single The Church sold out immediately and reached number one on the hype machine chart, there’s been a fair amount of anticipation building for the follow up from Patience, aka Roxanne Clifford of Veronica Falls. The follow up, The Pressure, drops on September 30th via Glasgow’s Night School Records, and see’s her inhabit the edges of stripped back, 80s influenced synth pop.

Halfway between early Mute records and forward thinking 80s schools television theme tunes (I speak from much experience), its prods and weaves these retro synth sounds, 808 claps and drum machines, into something that sounds relevent and whats more, gorgeous, today. It’s because it that melody, overloaded with harmonies as it (usually) is, kicks you right in the feels. You know what I mean – the bit that feels melancholy and uplifting and sad and joyous and love? Well, all those apply.

Check it out, here