See: Paris Youth Foundation release a video for the uplifting ‘Late Night Lost Love’

Out now on Modern Sky is ‘Late Night Lost Love’, the new single from Paris Youth Foundation, a tale of denying that a love affair is over to finally accepting that is the case.

Of the track, the bands Kevin Potter says “I go deep as a songwriter; they need to mean something to me and ‘Late Night Lost Love’ is a story that will mean a lot to others, about fixation, heartbreak and resolution. It’s about the routine of pretending that you’re fine all week after a break-up, occupied by work and then weekend comes and it’s all out of the window. You can’t play it cool anymore.”

Despite the melancholy of the subject matter, Late Night Lost Love is actually this uplifting, singalong slice of Indie Rock, nodding towards the likes of Blossoms, but still being very much their own men. If this doesn’t make you want to jump up and down with your hands in the air (as weird as that may be on a Monday morning in your own kitchen), albeit with tears in your eyes, then you need to buy some new dancing shoes.

Check it out, along with a glorious purple/pink bus ride lyric video, here

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